A Comprehensive App Designed For INBDE® & NBDE® Part 1.  

Make your INBDE® or NBDE® Part 1 Board review simple with the most comprehensive review tool, ever.

Questions. Flashcards. Videos +

2,750+ Questions By Category. 

Focus on key areas with Functional Knowledge. All subject areas related to the INBDE® matrix, and are designed to help you level-up your review in the key areas of board review. 

Receive instant feedback when you answer to speed up your review process. 

Jump to your personal dashboard to save questions for later review. 

Flip. Review. Dominate.

With the most flashcards in the industry right at your finger tips, you can now take your INBDE® review flashcards with you anywhere!

Broken down by subject and group, each set of flashcards is highly organized to maximize your review time. 

Save flashcards for later review, or unlock even more information using the "i" icon. 

Just Click Play.

Take a personal instructor with you wherever you go. B&B Dental videos are designed to walk you through the key concepts and highlight the main points. 

You can watch these videos as many times as you would like. 

Speed up each video for faster review and control your experience with tons of video player tools. 

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Confirm your account. Create your password and your B&B Dental® INBDE® textbook.

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